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Prof. Andreas Heß, Ph.D.

Professor for information science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Research Interests: Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Text Classification

Andreas Hess

Selected Publications

Some publications

This is a selection of publications, please see also the full list of publications including abstracts, presentation slides, and lots of interesting stuff to read!


I teach Information Retrieval at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

In the past, I was teaching at Hochschule Furtwangen University, which included amoong others the following courses:

Slides and other material, e.g. podcasts, are available on request.

Computer-related Articles

My Powerbook

Computer topics I encountered recently can be found in the ...

Computer topics I encountered in a distant past:


Mini-projects that were created for fun or demonstration purposes:

Before becoming a professor, I was working at the German National Library as "use case captain" of the CONTENTUS project and at Lycos Europe as "use case captain" of the ALEXANDRIA project, both part of the THESEUS research programme.

I was also working as a postdoctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and as a Ph.D. student at University College Dublin.


Authority Record: GND: 139418172

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My Southpark-Lookalike was created with South Park Studio by Janina Himmen.

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