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SQL Script for UDDI database and MySQL

Setup MySQL

Although jUDDI contains a SQL script for MySQL, basic knowledge of administrating a MySQL database is needed for understanding the following section.

You have two choices on how to make the UDDI database available to Java. The preferred option is to install the pure Java MySQL JDBC driver. The alternative option is to install the MySQL ODBC driver and connect to MySQL using the JDBC-ODBC bridge.

If you are using the JDBC driver:

If you decide to use the ODBC driver:

You will have to change the file, if you use the ODBC driver. A short explanation how to do this is in the jUDDI section on the HowTo page. jUDDI is preconfigured to use the JDBC MySQL driver. If you have problems setting up the ODBC connection, consult the MySQL manual or a JDBC manual.

26 Mar 2007, Andreas Hess, andreas at idirlion dot de