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dam2 is an iterative ontology mapping algorithm that uses a combination of standard string distance metrics with a structural similarity measure that is based on a vector representation. The novelty of the dam2-algorithm is that it can make use of training data in the form of given mappings to a third ontology.


A Celtic Triskel

The Triskel algorithm is a novel ensemble learning algorithm that combines features from both boosting and covering algorithms.


An interesting looking wooden fork

GridWeka2 is a modified version of the well-known Weka machine learning and data-mining software in Java, written by Eibe Frank and other people from the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

GridWeka2 is able to run cross-validations in parallel and distributed over several machines while being easily configurable. GridWeka2 is currrently based on Weka 3.4.3.

Assam WSDL Annotator

Assam tea pot

The goal of the Assam WSDL Annotator project is to create an application that assists the user in annotating web services. We are currently researching the use of Machine Learning for semi-automatically annotating web services.

Sulfide 2013

Sulfide 2013

Sulfide 2013 is a small game that is meant as my experiment with HTML5 and JavaScript. It is a remake of a 1991 DOS-Game.

Mandelbrot set

Mandelbrot set

I've written two small implementations of a visualisation of the mandelbrot set for demonstration purposes.

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